Steve Duke, guitarist in JS JAZZ DUO, based in Essex, UK.

Growing up in Liverpool in the 60’s, music was bound to be a big part of Steve’s life and so it has proved – from seeing the Beatles’ last Liverpool gig (when he was 7!), through playing bass in a jazz-rock group at a festival 12 years later, and via too many bands to name or even remember in the years since then.

However, despite playing music on several different instruments and in many different styles, Jazz and the Blues have always been a huge part of his musical life.His influences are equally varied, though he describes himself as “sitting in the musical corner between Kenny Burrell and Grant Green”.  Other favourites include Joe Pass, Django Reinhart and Pat Metheny; amongst non-guitarists, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Charles Mingus are huge influences – all great composers who had great bands.

Steve would like to pay tribute to those who have helped him along the path – amongst them, the late Len Argent, the amazing Jonathan Kreisberg, the astonishing Mike Walker (who is, all in all, not bad for a Manc!) and most of all Paul Higgs, a tutor beyond compare.Watch out for original compositions from Steve starting to enter the JS Jazz Duo repertoire in the near future.